Stylish deformities: The ways that fashion has flattened, bent, and broken bones.


This is all so crazy! The corsets surprised me the most, I knew about all the others, but didn’t think about how original corsets acted to re-shape the body. It makes sense though, that’s not a natural shape. I’ll take spanx over one of those any day!


Gandalf, Dumbledore, & Aslan Talk Twilight


This is pretty funny! As one who fell into the hole of Twilight to then see the error of my ways I have to agree a bit. It’s fun, but in the end equates to one of those embarrassing moments of our youth we try to pretend we didn’t happen.

101 Books

I think they have a point.


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Twilight fans, chill out. It’s all in good fun.

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Introductions . . . and Nonsense


My first official blog post! I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for a while but have never gotten around to it. Right now its acting as another form of procrastination (doing taxes and laundry have already been partaken of) for me to avoid too much work on my final paper for my grad program. This could end in disaster!

I’ll keep it short today as we get acquainted and so I can get some work done before my husband chides me (I remember when those roles were reversed in College, what happened to my annoying knack for getting things done days before the deadline?).

Right now the two things that I am having the most fun with (and which show my true nerd colors that I try to hide behind sophisticated afternoon tea’s and sharp blazers) is the Legend series by Marie Lu that I just finished this weekend (Legend, Prodigy, and Champion) and a new band I discovered called Beta Radio.

Lets start with the books, they were AMAZING! As mentioned in my “About” section, the dystopian books have kind of become a guilty pleasure of mine, and the fact that all my girl friends are equally obsessed make me think that I’m not the only 20 something who feels this way. I’ve read most of the big series out there and next to  The Hunger Games (obviously) this is my next favorite (I’m going to have to do another post where I just talk about all the series that have sucked me in). A great story line that evolves at just the right pace, awesome writing (no offense Veronica Roth, but I have a ton of issues with your sentence structure), and great characters. Definitely worth the read, I have a feeling I will be reading them all again in the not too far future.

Now to Beta Radio, they are like a cross between The Civil Wars and Mumford and Sons. I’ve been listening to them on repeat for the past week. I would recommend you looking into them if either you are fans of either of the previously mentioned.

Now I really must get some more paper writing done. . .