Delirium . . . Maybe I could have skipped this one



So to begin my “research,” or Dystopian binge (I’m going to have to throw in some classics/non-fiction to break these up and make me feel like a sophisticated grown up) I chose the Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver. Some of my friends have read it but it didn’t really sound like my thing, a little too heavy on the romance and a little lacking on the action and bigger picture. I read the synopsis for Oliver’s upcoming Panic though, which sounds pretty good, and figured I should familiarize myself with her other stuff first.

So I finished Delirium last night, and honestly I was kind of bored. I think it was important not to have Lena do a 180 right after she and Alex get involved and forget the upbringing she had and the fears and whatnot, but I was sill not super invested until about the last 8 chapters. And I hope the twist with her mom actually comes up with something because I’m not too sure how I feel about that either. It just wasn’t exciting. I do really like the characters though, and thats what kept me going. Hana, the non-rebellious rebel. Alex, the sensible rebel who’s also selfless and encouraging. And Lena, who has a lot of issues but who is still relatable and dosen’t come off as helpless because of all she struggles with.

That said, I’m interested to see how the rest of the series turns out. I accidentally read the first chapter of the last book (the one downside to the e-reader I’ve found so far), which then of course I had to read the last chapter to make sure the romance was properly resolved. Then I got back on track and read the first 2 chapters of Pandemonium, the second book,  which I think is going to bring in a lot more the of action I was missing in the first book.

Ultimately, I think the concept is an interesting one and even though the first book seemed a bit sappy to me, I mean what did I expect. It’s about a society that bans love, of course the main character is going to fall in love! There are hints at bigger issues though, government lies, how the lack of love results in indifference (good point Alex) and how thats even more dangerous that hate. I mean the poor neighbors dog! And the crypt goes against to many standards of human decency. With such potential, I’m really hoping the next two books satisfy my need for some more action, and give us some additional insight into whats going on in the big picture. Though from my slip up, I have the feeling a love triangle is about to bloom, but I think with the way the first book ended it can be done really well (not like some other books out there . . .), here’s for hoping!

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