Am I a Writer?



What’s your writer’s Origin Story?

Writing, such a simple idea, but when you sit down to do it becomes such a complicated mess.

This challenge has really made me think about what my goals are, and I don’t think they are what I had originally thought up for myself. My origin story is a pretty long and messy one, I don’t have recollections from my childhood where I sat poised at my desk with stories brimming and notebooks full of short stories and poems, like it seems a lot of writers did. I considered myself a scientific mind until I reached college and epically failed at that idea.

Being an only child I think I have a pretty good imagination, because how else was I going to entertain myself? And I am definitely the creative one in my family, with my mom in the veterinary field and my dad a very analytical political science guy. That being said, the only books I really remember from my youth, besides those I read for school, are the Pony Club books, and Beatrix Potter. Not necessarily the epitome of literature (besides Potter, because she’s amazing). I have always loved history and reading though, so when I started my undergrad as a Chemistry major, both my parents just shook their heads and said Ok.

A year later I switched to History, and added English as my minor. Being a strong writer in high school, it was interesting transitioning into higher education writing, and I struggled with English while progressing in History. I took a Creative Writing class one summer, and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone, I have always been an analytical research writer, and now I am having to come up with short stories and poems, and then read them out loud to my peers!? It was terrifying. The only work I was really proud of was a poem I wrote, based on a historic event, my class loved it as well, and stupid me, I don’t have it anymore because I deleted everything when the class was over and I had my grade. That just illustrates how I never saw myself as a writer; my origin story was still in the making.

Fast forward a couple of years, I now have my masters in History, and my writing has definitely improved, but it’s still analytical writing. I’m trying to figure out how to let my voice shine through in my writing, and I’m very tentatively reaching forward to the creative side, which I know exists somewhere in my mind, with a story of mine that is very slow in the making. I have been giving my brain time to recoup from grad school, and devoting a lot of time to reading to try an unleash some of those creative juices within myself.

So I guess my origin story as a writer is complete, but undergoing some transitions, I’m not sure if I will ever be a published writer, but I think it’s something to keep in mind as a long term goal, and to help me continue with my writing and my story. Writing in general, if for this blog, for historical work, or for my own creative work is something that I want to keep up and enjoy. I think that allows me to call myself a writer, even if it’s not on my resume.


8 thoughts on “Am I a Writer?

  1. Your journey as a writer sound a lot like my road to medical school. I was not the “I always wanted to be a doctor” kid… I was much much more comfortable with my creative side and it has taken me a long time to stop feeling like I wasn’t “smart” enough (I’m honestly still working on that). Sometimes life just takes us on a really odd route to get to wherever we are going… I’ve decided the experience will just make us better at what we do when we finally get there.


    • That’s a good perspective! And I understand, my issue with Chemistry, besides my inability to pass calculus, is my lack of attention span. I could not study for as long as all my peers! So you must have really good discipline, and I hope I can fulfill in my writing goals, even if it doesn’t lead to publication.


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