Pleasantly Surprised




So I finished the Shatter Me series yesterday morning before work, and planned on reading The Monuments Men for a while when I got home. I’m about half way in TMM and finally past all the historic context and whatnot, so I am looking forward to getting into the front lines with the different yet equally inspiring men who traipsed throughout Europe without resources, transportation, or large support from their country and its military to rescue our cultural treasures. However, hump day left me feeling mentally drained. I’m currently working though a collection to accession into our archives (I work in a museum, if you didn’t know) and after about the 30th description of “Photocopy of a newspaper article titled [. . .] with [. . .] photos and captions that read [. . .]” I really just wanted to do nothing but read a silly YA book that would entertain me and replenish my brain with its lack of needed mental attention. I was skeptical when I bought Alienated and honeys had very low expectations. I thought it was going to be like the CW show Star Crossed (which I am a little ashamed to admit that I watch regularly), and while I can watch that on TV, I didn’t know how I felt about devoting time to reading it.

However, I ended up reading this book in one sitting, I started at about 3p. and with only a few breaks, ended up staying up till 1a (which I am paying for now) to finish it. But when I get to the point where there are only 50 pages left, I can’t stop. And though I didn’t like it much in the beginning, with Cara’s forced teeny bopper jargon and Aylex’s weird slag from his alien planet, it slows down when you got into the story and I wasn’t as bothered by it. And it was FUNNY! Some of those one liners were just so good, I’ll paraphrase my two favorites:

I’ve got a glock, a shovel, and 5 acres! – so basically, get the hell out of my house!

There are riots in Canada, who riots in Canada? – Oh the poor Canadians, we make so much fun of them, but its just so damn funny.

And while the romance has some good make out scenes, it’s not something that I thought clouded the story, and it was done in a realistic(ish) way. Landers actually brings up some good social questions and puts them into context with references to the Civil Rights Movement (which, by the way Landers, isn’t just a 60s movement, it started in the 40s. Sorry, my history is showing), iconic peaceful protest leaders of the world, and the general idea of colonization and expansion.

So in the end I was pleasantly surprised, and I most likely will get the next book when it comes out in a year and continue the series. It touched my nerdy history side and my scholarly focus on colonization and its effects on native/transplanted populations, but in a much less intellectual way, which ended up being a good thing. It makes you think a bit, but not to the extreme where I was distracted and arguing with the author or her characters. So Landers, you showed me!


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