I Hate Running



Today I did my first 10K, and as I was not in shape to run more than about 1/3 of it, so it took a while. I think I beat all of 600 people, while my husband came in 45th overall. What a show off right? Well at least I got a bit of a tan, and was able to non guiltily eat a burger and fries afterwards. And I have to say, passing people was pretty fun. It was nice to think “hey! I’m faster than you and I am no where near my peak running shape!” Though I’m terrible at organized sports I do miss Lacrosse practice at least for the forced cardio. Luckily, my friend is moving in down the street and I have convinced her to become my running buddy, so maybe I will be able to run the whole 10K next year!

Anyway, I finished Nil last night, and I really liked it!

Unknown-2It’s getting a lot of mixed reviews, and most center on the romance aspect of it. I thought the idea of the island was really interesting, kids are somehow transported to this island where they show up naked and alone and have 365 days to escape of they die, and while we never for sure find out what takes people there, I didn’t feel like anything was really missing because of that. There are a couple theories, and the characters themselves seem to have a personal understanding of what being on the island has meant to them so I think that was really what makes the remaining “what if’s” acceptable for me.

And I didn’t have an issue with the romance, I thought there was a really good balance between it and the action and mystery of the rest of the story. Many people thought it was unrealistic because of the timeline. I mean these kids are thrown onto an island and only have 365 days to escape or they die. So when Charley, one of the protagonists shows up, and Thad the other protagonist and love interest in down to his last three months I can see how people are speculative. But I also feel like both of the characters grew up so much in the first week of their relationship. Thad was leading the other kids on the island, and when Charley shows up finally gets someone to lean on and give him something to hope for, believable. And Charley had him to help her learn about the island and teach her to survive, also believable. And ya, they tell each other they love each other after 3 weeks. But it’s a book, and we all wanted it to happen anyway.

Once the L bomb was out of the way we were really thrown into the personality of the island itself, which I really enjoyed. So I think the timeline worked. We needed Thad and Charley to work out their relationship drama and devote themselves to each other before we could really get into the actions of the island. Also, there were great supporting characters, even those who were only present for a few chapters I thought were done with a great amount of detail and really made you visualize this island camp with all these diverse teenagers fighting to survive and escape this island with it’s crazy plans for them all.

I also like that it was not a series, it could have easily gone down that route, and I would continue to read them, but I was satisfied with the ending. I think I am going to follow the non-series trend and get into Winter’s Tale next!


7 thoughts on “I Hate Running

    • Free is my main driver too, I don’t wan to pay the crazy gym fees and then feel guilty about it when I don’t go! And I agree! I get it if its totally unbelievable, bit I thought Thad and Charley were extremely believable. I’m pretty sure after about a month I knew my husband was it, we waited a bit longer for the love declaration, but we weren’t on an island with 365 days to escape. . .


  1. Cheers!!! Actually I sorta “instalove” fell for my husband on our first date ; ) It was 6 months or so before the L word happened and 6ish years before we married but I was enthralled right away. Books are about extraordinary circumstances so I generally don’t mind declarations of devotion early on especially from characters that could die at any minute (I read too much dystopian fiction). I understand that it might not always be the best message to the YA readership since love after the fall takes all kinds of work but I don’t find it unreasonable.


  2. Well done on the 10k. I’ve run a couple myself – slowly. I was once overtaken by someone dressed as a giant rabbit, which was depressing. At least I thought it was a giant rabbit. It’s just possible it was a hallucination brought on by extreme exhaustion and oxygen starvation – but as I said to the pink hippo next to me, I really felt fine.


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