Monday Morning Traffic



For todays Weekly Writing Challenge we have to write a story in 50 words, no more, no less. So I have decided to take this challenge as a way to vent about my morning commute and continue to experiment with different forms of writing. The prompt for this challenge notes how writing within confined word counts helps you really understand the importance of syntax. I think this is a great point, in grad school all of my assignments had strict word counts. And learning to analyze a book on a complex historical topic in 150 words teaches you how to get to the point in a concise yet informative way. Also, you learn to value the power of specific words and sentence structure.

So below, is my attempt to express my feelings of morning traffic in 50 words. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but it’s definitely something out of the box for me, which I think is a good thing no matter what.

Be gentle, I know it reads like a bad poem.

I’m running late, like every Monday, I’ll shave 10 off lunch.

I see the entrance! I’ll only have to trim 5 off! Wait, what is this douche doing! Seriously? You’re going to drive in the closed lane and wait till someone lets you over?

I hope someone keys your car.


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