I’m a Quitter




I said I’d give Winter’s Tale till Friday, and its Friday. I just can’t get excited about it, and the writing is so involved in itself that I find myself getting bored and missing nuances. I’m thinking that after I see the movie I will have another surge of interest in the book and be able to get through it and enjoy it. Some of the reviews that I read said the book is confusing too, so since I am probably not paying enough attention to it right now, the movie should help me pick up on what’s going on as I make my way through the book.

In other news, I have been writing! I wrote last Friday, since I have decided Friday is my writing day, and then throughout the weekend and sporadically throughout  the week. Didn’t get to it today, my morning out at the stables drained me, its getting very hot here, and errands and whatnot have gotten in the way, but I am coming up with some ideas that I am going to address this weekend, so I am at least getting back into the swing of writing regularly, and not dreading it. I think it helps that this writing is just for me, and its not about things like slavery (my area of interest within American history, which I have written many papers on in the past 2 years).

I mentioned last post that I had an inkling to reread the Matched series, I remember liking it and have been thinking about it lately, so why not! I have a ton of new books in my nooks library, and a bunch of pre-orders coming out soon, so I don’t really want to start a new series when I have a bunch of sequels and conclusions that I will be diving into soon. And, I am over halfway through TMM, I know, its taking me forever. I think this last half is going to pick up though and I hope to finish it before all my new books come out in May. The husband leaves soon though so I won’t have anything to do but read and drink wine anyway!


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