Two City’s to Split my Time






Daily Prompt: If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

One. More. Turn.

I stand back, tossing the screwdriver into my tool box and admire my invention. I got the idea from Harry Potter, the vanishing cabinets, but since I don’t have the luxury of a magic wand I had to resort to the closest thing I could find, Physics!

Basically, I created worm hole between D.C. and London, very Star Trek level stuff here. The gateways are located in two apartments that I own on both ends in the guest room closets, I guess I had some Narnia influences there too.

I’ve never tested it with a person before, but I can’t look back now. I look out of my window and down onto the Mall of D.C. one more time, hopefully not my last, and step into the closet. There is a sucking, swirling, falling sensation and then I feel myself slam against something hard. I look up and see a doorknob and turn it, opening it up to the guest room in my London flat. YES! It worked! I’ll save so much money on airfare now!

I stride over and take in my surroundings, straight ahead is a park, where people walk their dogs and stroll hand in hand, and to my left I can see the outline of the British Museum. I done a coat and scarf and stride out of my flat to join those in the park.

I’ve always said that I could only live in D.C. or London if I were to live in a big city, and mostly those choices center around the history of the city’s and the calibre of their museums – I know, I’m a nerd.



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