Memorial Day Shout Out



Monday’s I usually do a Daily Prompt, but today’s just wasn’t inspiring me, so I thought I would join the bandwagon and blatantly promote my families awesomeness in their military service. First! The historian in me has to point out that Memorial Day started after the Civil War as a way for previous Confederate’s to honor their fallen soldiers, especially as Reconstruction made Southerners feel like a conquered people and they tried to maintain their unique social and cultural traditions. It was also originally called Decoration Day and usually had some big parades. The rest of the nation quickly adopted the tradition and I’m sure you can figure out the rest!

After some months of obsession I found out that my family has played a role in pretty much every major war since the Civil War (my family served with the Union – unlike my husbands family. . .), which I think is pretty cool. My great grandfather enlisted in WWI by lying about his age and changing his name, the Army figured it out though before he was deployed and sent him home. By the time WWII rolled around he was too old for a general commission but was entered on an “old-man commission” and served in California working with Engineers.

Both my grandparents are Air Force veterans. My paternal grandfather served in Vietnam while my maternal grandfather was in Korea and a Thunderbird. My dad has been in Desert Storm/Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom and is retiring after 28 years in July. Currently my Husband is active duty Army . . . see a family trend emerging?

Me, Dad, Mom, and Grandfather (dad's dad)

Me, Dad, Mom, and Grandfather (dad’s dad)

The Husband

The Husband

So thanks family for your service and taking me around the world on new adventures every couple of years!


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Shout Out

  1. is what I’m using to find out some of my family history. I’ve always been curious.

    I thank your family for their service, by the way. Being in the Army, I sometimes forget the kind of sacrifice that has come before me – but that’s what Memorial Day is all about, now, isn’t it? Wonderful family – wonderful post.


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