Monument 14 Finale!


Unknown-4I had to Google the summaries of the first two books, as I haven’t read them in a while and needed a refresher. Here is my quick summary if you need one too: After some major natural disasters, a government facility developing chemical weapons is damaged and those chemicals are released into the air. The chemicals effect everyone based on their bloodtype (which I think is the most interesting aspect of this story!) – O’s go into an uncontrollable rage and kill anyone in their path, A’s blister until they basically boil to death, AB’s get super paranoid and basically go crazy, and B’s become sterile. Anyway, Dean (the main character) and 13 other kids ranging from about 5 to 17 are holed up in a supermarket trying to survive while the world collapses around them. Eventually they all escape and are sent to a refugee camp. One of their members though, Josie, doesn’t make it. She’s O, and “went O” to save the rest of the group from rouge Air Force cadets and generally douchey people who try to take all of their supplies/kill them while they are making their way to the Denver airport for evacuation.

Savage Drift opens with the group at the refugee camp in Canada. Niko is hell bent on finding Josie (his girlfriend) and when they see her photo in a newspaper that directs him to a containment camp for O’s n Missouri he decides to go rescue her no matter what. Astrid is still pregnant, and is having complications, which Jake and Dean argue about for about the first half of the book. Ultimately, Astrid is going to become a subject in military research because she was exposed to the compounds while pregnant. To escape from becoming  lab rat, Astrid, Jake, and Dean accompany Niko in their break from the refugee camp and make it down to TX to eventually work their way across the country to Niko’s uncle’s place in PA where they are all going meet up with their “family” still at the refugee camp.

This book was really fast paced, and honestly I didn’t feel like all that much happened, but I was really happy with the resolutions. I felt like Dean really came into his own after he admitted that he shouldn’t have left his brother and that he needed to stop worrying about Astrid and Jake and just follow his heart (did anyone else just think of “She’s the Man” and the “What does your heart tell you” scene – just me then?). And once I got into Josie’s narration I loved it. She’s such a tough cookie with a heart of gold, and her weird control over her rage was really interesting. I also thought it was really cleaver how all the stories wound together with the Dr. being the father of one of the original 14. And that touching moment when Dean was reunited with not only his brother but his parents also! I still am not thrilled with the whole Dean/Astrid thing though, even though they have the baby now, I think they are still too young to be getting married. Unlike in a lot of other YA books where I forget how young the protagonists are, I didn’t in this one, which I liked, but I also think that makes their relationship all the more unrealistic – and I just don’t like Astrid.

Overall I was really pleased with the outcome of this series, and it will definitely be one I read again.



4 thoughts on “Monument 14 Finale!

  1. I couldn’t get past the first book. The writing and character development was so weak I won’t through any more money or time away on this series. But I have to admit, the story was intriguing. She gets massive points for a great story idea, but it could have been written much better.


    • I get where you are coming from, but I think she was trying to write it as if it were Dean writing it since he was always journaling. The second book goes between Alex and Dean and you really see the difference in the voices, same goes for Dean and Josie. It did take getting used to, but I don’t think it was because her writing was weak, I think it’s because she’s just really good at the “teenage voice” which isn’t one that’s all that complex.


      • I didn’t have many issues with it. It was certainly different , but I think that’s just because it is an unusual writing style. I have read other books with mechanical issues and I didn’t find any of those in this book. But since you prove to be a harsh critic, what are your top recommendations?


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