Texas is Awesome



It’s day 4 being back on the mainland and I missed it! especially TX, more than I thought I would. Above is the view from my parents back porch, I mean seriously, who wouldn’t love that; especially sitting out there with a cool beverage enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds.

Anyway, so far it’s been a lot of me eating the things I have missed that you can only get on the mainland or TX. Today for instance, on the way back from Dallas we stopped at the Czech Stop in West, TX for some of the best kolaches ever, and having had real Czech pastries I am confident in this statement.

kolacheI mean really, doesn’t that look amazing. And this place, the Czech Stop, is pretty famous, ask any Texan and they will all tell you the same thing, “Best Kolaches, Ever!” The whole reason we were able to stop by though is because we went to Dallas to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Museum, and it was beautiful!

No matter what your politics are, if you are ever in Dallas you should put this on your museum to-do list. As someone who works in museums, I was most impressed with the level of interactive and non-reading exhibitry. A lot of the challenges museums are facing these days is gaining the interest of younger generations who are much more technologically focused. Not only was the museum beautiful in general, but its balance was so well done. Each exhibit had a segment of traditional reading, then either a video to watch or an interactive touch screen, or both. It was phenomenally done, there was one whole table dedicated to the middle east that was the size of a 12 person dining room table that was all touch screen and interactive. Another section, had a room set up like a control room with different government agencies positions with options to agree or disagree with them, which leads to different discussions. It was basically designed to explain how complex and intricate the government is and how the president has to work with each group. Overall I thought it did a great job of explaining how the presidency works, while chronicling Bush ’43 years in office. The September 11th section was also very well done, the wall surrounding the piece of one of the towers had all the names of those killed in the attack, and there was a section where you could share your own experiences on that day.

bush 43 museumThe only downfall I saw in the museum was the fact that there wasn’t much background to his life, you walked in and basically walked straight into his election. I’m guessing the fact that he is pretty well know, and his childhood is documented pretty well at the Bush ’41 museum, as well as not wanting to highlight his youthful transgressions, they didn’t really feel it was necessary to the story of the museum.

Besides Dallas I’ve just been hanging around the BCS area, and the construction on the campus of Texas A&M is crazy, and I don’t’ know how I feel about it. So many things are changing! Kyle field is the biggest change, and it’s impressive!

kyle field comstruction

Sadly, my time in TX ends come Monday morning when I head up to VT. So until then I am going to eat as much tex-mex and BBQ as I can, and ride my ponies as much as possible. It’s so good to be back!




4 thoughts on “Texas is Awesome

  1. I’m always surprised when I ask people if they want some kolaches, but they have no idea what I’m talkin’ about. Mindboggling haha.

    What do you mean by “the mainland”?


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