Coming back from my vacation, and with my new degree, I have had some blog inspiration. I’m going to shake things up starting next week by adding a weekly history discussion! I know a lot of you are probably thinking that this is going to be the most boring thing ever, but I promise, history is awesome! It’s always interesting seeing how other people interpret things, and how people who have not studied history look back and assess the past.

For some reason Thursday seems to be a good history day, so those are the days that we’ll dive into the realms of the past and surely generate some discussion. I will post a discussion question and my answer. In the comments section I want to see all of your thoughts on the question and my response. The only demand I have with this new forum is that we all keep it civil. I know history can raise some heated topics and bring out peoples biased options, but I also know there is a respectful way to get your own opinions across. So just keep it classy!

Next week I will get back to my old patterns and incorporate this new topic day. So Monday’s going to get back into my routine of writing challenges, I’ll keep posting my book evaluations on Wednesday’s, History discussion on Thursday’s, and any of my personal writing updates will show up on Saturday’s. I’m excited about this new topic day, and I hope you all are too!



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