Clare’s Mortal Instrument’s Finale


MI 6

Honestly, it took me a little while to get into this book. I binge read the five previous books, and by the time this came out I had already moved onto so many other series and books and genre’s and I just wasn’t excited. That said, I did really like the finale. Everyone got their happy ending, which I seriously think they all deserved, these kids had a pretty crappy run of things for a while so after the challenges and near death experiences they all faced; as well as the impending doom that Clare hinted at (spin off series with the two new young shadow hunters has already been announced) I think they could all use a fairy tale ending.

The beginning of the book was a little too sappy for me, and that’s why I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be reading it. It was about how everyone’s romantic relationships were complicated. I get it, Alec is sad because he and Magnus broke up, Clary and Jace can’t touch much, and Izzy and Simon are in a weird stage of their relationship where they are deciding if they are really “together.” But really, I didn’t care, we all know Alec is depressed, we all know Izzy likes Simon just as much as he likes her, and we all know Clary and Jace are inseparable. I just wanted to get to the point – finding and destroying Sebastien!

I liked our two young shadow hunters, so they should make a good story with the next series and I may read it. However, for some reason I really didn’t like the amount of time the story spent being narrated by Maia, I have never really liked her all that much though so that’s probably why. I thought the premiss that Sebastian was going around and turning Shadowhunters into his followers by basically the opposite process of the mortal cup was interesting, and a good tactic for fighting – as no one would want to kill their friends/family. And the fire in Jace was always a fun twist, but I pretty much knew that Clary was going to find a way to pull it out of him. I suppose that was what I found I didn’t like the most, yes there were things I didn’t expect to happen (Simon) but I expected most of the big things, which didn’t leave me with too much to look forward to.

Once we went into the Demon realm is where things really picked up for me. The characters started being more honest with each other, Alec was drunk a lot which was funny, and after a victory over Sebastien and saving the world the characters had to face emotions that I didn’t really expect. I mentioned that they all get their happy ending, but it doesn’t look like they are going to at first. With Sebastien gone, and Jonathan left in his place to die we see the brother Clarey could have had, and hes a nice guy. Then Magnus has to die to get them all back to their world, so Simon sacrifices himself instead, honestly that was something I didn’t expect, and I really wouldn’t have cared if Magnus died – I liked him, but not that much. Then the twist with Simon forgetting all of them was horrible, Magnus’ dad was certainly cleaver about that.

But Alas! Clare knew that would be an unsatisfying ending, especially since Izzy had finally decided she could love someone. Magnus manages to get some of Simon’s memories back and now he’s going to be a shadowhunter, Magnus and Alec are back together, Jace and Clarey are as happy as ever, Luke and Jocelyn are married, Brother Zachariah has a girl friend now, it’s basically love all around! And though it was a bit cheesy, I think it was well deserved for all of them. Maybe they will have guest appearances in the spin off?


And on a side note, the first teaser trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 is out!! Poor hijacked Peeta, he is certainly looking crazy. . .



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