First Glance




Reading a post by a fellow blogger and writer she talked about an interesting tag she was included in. You basically publish 7 sentences or lines from what you are currently writing from a page selection from somewhere between 7 and 77. I’m not going to start up a new chain for it or anything like that, but I thought the idea itself was a great one to get some initial reactions to my writing. So anyway, here are the first seven sentences from page seven of my current, and first, work in progress. They are not edited, and I already see several changes I want to make, but this is really just a way for me to get initial reactions from you lot about my writing.

The crowds excited tittering silences as The Director moves towards the podium again.

“Congratulations to all of you today. When you return to your family’s lodgings, a welcome packet from The University will be waiting for you with details about your matriculation and new living and learning situation. I expect to see dedication from all of you and look forward to witnessing your contributions to the individual sectors and the nation at large.”

With that, he exits the domed room; we all file out, scanning our wrists again, and trying to contain the excitement, and nervousness that tomorrow brings.   

As we walk outside, we are immediately blinded by the harsh sun and assaulted with a dry wind that leaves my whole body feeling parched even though I am covered from neck to toe. My eyes quickly focus and look over a flat and monotonous city.


Well there you go! As to my new blogging schedule I am really excited about getting that started next week! I already have two history discussion prompts in the works and though my reading has been a bit slow lately I am almost done with my current book, and I’m really enjoying it, so will have some good book talk too!



7 thoughts on “First Glance

  1. This is pretty good. Thought the tenses seem to not add up. The idea of the director immediately made me think of the hunger games and divergent which immediately made me want to read your work and I still do. The sentences following compelled me further to read your work so well done. I love it so far!


  2. I agree with Fantasy Angel – definitely brings to mind The Hunger Games (maybe the same for Divergent… if I’d read it ahah). Glad you decided to take the opportunity to unveil a snippet of your WIP. Sounds interesting.


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