Week 2 Struggles




Week two of Camp NaNoWriMo is about halfway done, and my starry eyed optimism from last week is slightly waning. Writing is still happening, but my word count has been slightly under my designated 1900ish words per day needed to complete my manuscript by the end of the month. Luckily, I made myself a pretty good cushion last week so I haven’t fallen behind, just lost my head start. I think my biggest issue this week is that all that research I got, I didn’t read through yet. And the section I have been working on this week has been all about what that research was supposed to help with! I feel like there is going to be a breakthrough tonight though, and this weekend I am going to try and set Harry Potter aside (I don’t know how successful this will be) and read through the research I have to try and regain some of my confidence. If not, then I am going to keep plugging away and save that for revision, which may not be a bad idea actually.

I am still really enjoying Camp though, my cabin is making some good progress, and we are all pretty supportive of each other. Personally, I am learning more about my writing process, which is really fun. I never knew how much characters had lives of their own until I really got into my writing, they are starting to be hard to control! My two protagonists are speeding up the timeline I had set for them to become a team, but I like how it’s moving, and if they think its time they must be right – right? The slight changes that they are bringing about are also opening opportunities for other events and conflict with other characters that I had not foreseen, so thats another exciting element. Basically, there is just a whole lot of discovery going on this week! Discovering I should have actually read through all of that research I found, of the independent lives of characters, and of the writing process in general. I think its pretty cool that with an idea and general outline, I am not almost 30,000 words into a story.

On a side note – one my my friends from grad school is starting a history blog! So if my weekly discussions have intrigued you at all check her out for some more fun facts! http://bestamericanhistory.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Struggles

  1. Ace! I find it both frustrating and relieving when characters write themselves because it’s just like you’re along for the ride… which again can be both frustrating and relieving haha. Damn that research, though. I try not to select novels I need research for during any NaNos for that very reason you’re goin’ through meow. It’s all good, though – here’s to that breakthrough.


    • Ya. . . . There isn’t a lot of research to be done. And really it’s probably not really all that necessary, but old habits die hard, and I’ll always be a historian first – and we love our research.


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