Civil Rights




Throughout my studies I have focused on African American history, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert up to the Civil Rights Act. My focus really is from about Reconstruction to the late 1960s. Having said that, one of my pet peeves, and honestly great disappointments in general history education, is that when I say Civil Rights you think of the 1960s right? Well yes, the Civil Rights Act did pass in 1964, with additional laws passed after up until the early 1990s. But the Civil Rights movement was not a 1960s movement! Its climax and culmination took place in the 1960s, but the movement really got its start after WWI, and built up a lot of its momentum in the post war era (1940s).

Now, I don’t want to lecture here, my question really is did you know this? What did you learn about the Civil Rights Movement and its roots?


5 thoughts on “Civil Rights

  1. I think the movie THE BUTLER does a very good job of depicting just how prolonged the movement is from the perspective of a man who worked for a handful of Presidents and was born during slave times. It hit me kinda hard, the subjective relativity of the Movement.

    I don’t remember much from school, so I can’t say whether I learned this or not, but the movie contemporized the matter in a way that was easy to understand and actually quite poignant.


    • Actually his family were share-croppers. He would have been really old to live from the 1860s to the present day! But you make a great point! It did show how prolonged the movement was, and did a good job at showing the two main stances the African American community took during the time.


  2. I went to Catholic school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. We were required to take a religion class every year. My sophomore year’s class was on morality, and it focused extensively on WWI and WWII, as well as the following few decades and the waves that crested during that period. That class, probably more than the history class on Civil Rights I took in college, formed my intelligence on the subject. Great post!


    • Shout out for Catholic school alumni! I went to catholic high school and agree with you. Fun fact, while Catholics were largely discriminated against within the U. S. by protestants (and I think we can still argue that, going to college in the Bible belt sure woke me up!), Catholics are basically the only major religions denomination within the country that were pretty outspoken against slavery and Jim Crow. I always like to point that out when those darn southern protestants get all over me about Mary.


      • Woohoo!! There’s someone who understands! Finally, someone to commiserate with about the prejudice and ignorance about Catholicism. And good for you in responding so intelligently to those protestants. Go you! šŸ™‚


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