This Weeks Writing Challenges



This has been an interesting week for writing. Saturday was awesome, I got just over 3,000 words down, and then Tuesday I hit a wall. All of the difficulties I had been having starting last week caught up with me I guess. Instead of writing I took to reading, and after a good six hours of reading, yesterday when I sat down, I got into a really good flow. One that I hope will continue this week, as I am about to get into the really exciting stuff! And even though I thought my Camp NaNo word count would finish my story, I think I will have so more writing to do when it’s over, thats ok though!

A couple of my other cabin mates from Camp NaNo seemed to have the same issue this week too. It certainly made me feel better that I was not the only one having these creativity issues, but also pointed out how beneficial reading is to the writing process. I know that everywhere you see some rendition of the “if you want to write you need to read, read ,read” but it really is true! With several hours of not having to worry about my characters and what they were going to do/say next, I was able to get lost in someone else’s story and characters, and while giving my brain a rest it also gave me a bunch of inspiration for my own story.

I also have a really good new playlist that has been helping those creative juices flow. This week my favorites have been LP’s “Tokyo Sunrise,” Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap,” Echosmith’s “Cool Kids,” Handsome Furs “What About Us?” and Katy Tiz’s “Big Bang.” I always think it’s amazing how much music can affect my mood – especially when I compare myself to my husband who must have some sort of music complex, he can’t find a beat to save his life and has no emotional response to music at all it seems.

So, do you have a go to book or playlist when your writing muse decides to take a short sabbatical?


7 thoughts on “This Weeks Writing Challenges

  1. My go-to books are a bunch of random Christian historical fiction books, Anne of Green Gables, and LOTR. Although I’ve been a musician and very musical all my life, music actually distracts me from writing because I get so into it. The only music I can listen to while writing is classical. One of my favorite composers is Franz Schubert.


    • I like Schubert too! I’m a strings fan though so I have a whole playlist of just classical. Usually I have to save the classical for days when I am stressed or have a lot of anxiety. My husband runs to classical though, which I think is so weird.


    • So true. My daily routine has at least 4 hours of reading in it. I like to read for a couple hours when I get home from work (I’m part time so I get home in the afternoons) then after dinner I write, and then I read before I go to bed. I”m also using it as kind of a tutorial too, I’m so new to creative writing I find myself picking apart books to study their techniques and whatnot. And as a side note, from what I have read of the excerpts you’ve put on your blog, you book/writing looks really good, I would read it!


  2. I don’t necessarily have an exact playlist, per se, but I do have a genre and handful of bands that I know I can listen to to stir the inspiration in me. I refer to them as “my boys,” my favorite bands, because the combination of instrumentation and vocalization makes my mind go haywire with wonder and awe.

    In that vein, I don’t know how some people, i.e. your husband haha, can numb themselves to the magic of music and the mysterious ways it can make you feel a thousand things at once in only a few short seconds or minutes. I don’t trust those people haha. Only kinda kidding.


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