Did I really just watch that?



Today’s Daily Post Prompt provides me with a good vent on stupid movies today, so. . . When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?

So, The Purge was a big hit last year right, and the second one just came out. Well, I didn’t go see the first one, and I have no intention of seeing the second, but as the first one was on HBO this week, and my husband and I had nothing better to do we watched it, and then proceeded to make fun of it the whole time. I’m pretty sure my husbands exact words about it were “Two of my soldier’s watched it and they hated it, and they are idiots, so if they hated it it has to be terrible.” Well, he wasn’t wrong.

I guess overall, it’s forcing you to make a moral decision – would you take part in a purge like that, how about the division between the haves and have nots, what about supporting it . . . and how did the bad guys get ropes around the steel door that was literally part of the wall to rip it off?

Obviously the decent questions were overshadowed by the general badness of the movie, but I’m trying to give it some credit here. What my husband and I couldn’t figure out though, was that if these people were really bad people who had to resort to killing for a ‘release’ then how could they manage to avoid it all year and only do it on one day? Especially since everyone seems to have weapons a plenty! If the nation was trying to rid itself of violence wouldn’t it just be easier to get rid of all the weapons – and I guess they were ignoring people like serial killers in this ‘solution.’

I mean sure, it was entertaining I guess – but it was not realistic, which is what I think it was kind of trying to go for. You know, the whole ‘what if’ our society reached this point (and they had a decent group of actors, which made it’s failure even more epic – and least they didn’t stick to the ‘black guy’ stereotypes and made him a hero, though he was homeless. . . ). But seriously. And that security system sucked by the way “it’s not impenetrable” – really? You have steel shutters covering your house, and the worst weapon I saw those frat boys with was a shotgun, what did you make it with – foil and slots to tie ropes to or something? And why would you not use bulletproof glass if you are going to that length to secure your house anyway, I just don’t understand.

Anyway, this rant could go on and on – what was the last movie you saw that made you go on a tirade?



10 thoughts on “Did I really just watch that?

  1. I think mine was the third Anne of Green Gables movie. It came out in 2000. I know there are others I could discuss, but that one is the foremost.

    Let me preface this by saying those books are probably my favorite series ever, or at least a close tie to LOTR. The first two movies were decent, but Kevin Sullivan, who owns the rights, has done so much that has nothing to do with the books and just slaps the “Anne of Green Gables” label on it for profit.

    I know books and movies have to be different for many reasons, and I’m usually not so vocal about my displeasure, but that third movie drove me over the edge. TIRADE!!!!!


  2. Hahaha I never looked at the movie from this angle before, even though I’m pretty well-known before being an unofficial movie critic, but I was add a little amen to each and every point you mentioned in this post. That movie was ridiculous in so many more ways as well.

    Also, another thing: someone pointed this out a couple of days ago: “If all crime was legal for a day, I wouldn’t worry about killing people. I’d find a way to erase my student debts.” Much more practical – and realistic – if you ask me ahha.


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