It has been foretold!


imagesThe other day after my delicious meal at Panda Express, my fortune cookie told me that I would gain fame and fortune – obviously that means I am going to become a successful writer, right?

Well, I am using the encouragement from my cookie to try and push myself through these last couple weeks of Camp NaNo. I am about 80% done (I wish I had a little side bar so everyone could see, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do it!), but it’s starting to feel like pulling teeth to sit down and write. I know I’m just a bit burned out, but my daily word count has steadily dropped over the last week. I’m in the last phase before all of the excitement really starts in my story, and I think I am both looking forward to getting to that part and scared to tackle it. I’m pushing myself though, and hopefully next week will be able to tell you all that I had a blast writing the climax of the story and finished early!

I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

And I will certainly need some more time after Camp NaNo ends to finish my story, but have already planned about a week hiatus from writing to let my brain reset a bit. Some of my fellow cabin members have already reached their word count (whoop’s for – permashift  and vdavenport!) and that gives  me encouragement that I can do it too! How are all of your writing projects going, or are you devoting time to something else?


9 thoughts on “It has been foretold!

  1. I’ve been working a lot, but I did a 12,000 word writing marathon last weekend. I haven’t looked at it since, but I’m hoping to return to it this weekend to begin weaving it into the rest of the novel. (It was the first 40 pages, which I’ve rewritten at least 12 times). And I’m also working on book two in my MG series. It’s a blast!


  2. If you click on my sidebar progress bar, it’ll take you to the site where I made mine. Also, you can like google “word count progress bar” or something and a few will pop up – just take your pick!


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