What’s on the Bookshelf


I have gone on another book buying splurge! Here is what’s coming up next for me after I finish Harry Potter, and wait for a bunch of pre-orders to be released.

Shadow and Bone Shiver

landry parkfrozen

But first, I am going to finish the Discovery of Witches series!

The Book of Life

Then I think I am going to tackle Shadow and Bone, I read the sample and really liked it. What do you all think of these upcoming reads, have you read any of them?


5 thoughts on “What’s on the Bookshelf

  1. Seeing this has now made me want to add yet more books to my ever growing TBR pile lol. I thoroughly enjoyed Shadow & Bone and Shiver so I hope you do too! I’m off now to go check out A Discovery of Witches, Frozen Heart of Dread and Landry Park. 😀


  2. Haven’t read any of those, but Shadow and Bone and A Discovery of Witches, et al are on my TBR. Looks like you’ll be gettin’ to them before I do, though.

    Heard great things about SandB; heard lukewarm things about DofW. I’ll be lookin’ out for those reviews.


    • I’m really looking forward to Shadow and Bone, I read the sample before I bought it and wanted to start reading it immediately. I may even tackle that series before I finish A Discovery of Witches. I put my thoughts on the first DofW books up already, you can find them on my bookshelf page. I like them, especially since there is a big history element.


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