Weekly Wishes #1



Weekly-Wishes-Button1I saw this on a friend of mine’s travel blog, and I’m stealing it. I think it will probably become my Monday thing, since Monday’s are a bit all over the place still and looking for some structure. Anyway, started by The Nectar Collective, this acts as a way to share goals with fellow bloggers, and hopefully, for me, provide more incentive to accomplish them!

So here are my three goals for this week:

1.) Outline the rest of my book. My writing is hitting a low point, mainly because I am a bit wary about proceeding. I’m excited about what’s coming next, but I don’t have much of a plan and the plan I came up with at the start of this journey won’t really work anymore since my characters have turned out a bit differently than I had planned – but all in a good way I hope.

2.) Get to at least 53,000 words in this last week of Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal was 60,000, which I have no aspirations about hitting any longer. But as I am just shy of 50,000 I think I can manage it a bit more before time runs out.

3.) Make an awesome cake for the Harry Potter birthday party my two friends and I are having Thursday. Yes, it’s super nerdy of us, but really it’s just an excuse for us to get together and drink on a weeknight and talk about books. And one of them is getting back from spending her summer on the mainland, so it will be great to see her again, and there will be cake! Here is what I am attempting, Treacle Tart just seemed too laborious, and not conclusive to Hawaii humidity and heat levels

Next week, I’ll let y’all know if I managed to accomplish all of these goals, and lay out three more.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #1

  1. Good goals! And I love the idea of a Harry Potter Party… I’m trying to get my friends together for some play-readings so… a Harry Potter Party doesn’t sound too nerdy to me 🙂


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