Weekly Wishes #3


Weekly-Wishes-Button1Started by The Nectar Collective, this acts as a way to share goals with fellow bloggers, and hopefully, for me, provide more incentive to accomplish them!

Here were Week 2s goals:

1.) I really need to run more than once a week. I have been going Monday’s regularly, but when Wednesday comes around it just doesn’t happen. Hopefully now that I am making myself accountable to all of you it will help my lack of motivation come hump day. I did this! 

2.) Hit 57,000 with my WIP. I am averaging about 500 words per day Monday-Thursday, so if I get some writing done on Friday it should be pretty doable. Accomplished! And surpassed by about 50 words.

3.) Finish my DIY revamps of our bed side tables – as we upgrade out furniture they don’t really match anymore. I am taking the black Target tables and painting them a light cream, then using the sticky removable wallpaper, in a yellow print as the inset of the little door and the base of the shelf. I think it will be pretty cute when I am done, and hopefully give them a few more years of life. Also done! And I think they turned out pretty well, I need to get a sealer or something though because the paint is a bit sticky. 

This coming weeks goals:

1.) I need to shed my laziness of late, especially at work. I’m currently working on this big book collection, and though they get monotonous rather quickly, there are only 5 boxes left. I would like to get them all done this week, but we’ll see how crazy things get since my boss just got back and the registrar is going to be gone for most of the week, so I’ll set my goal to finishing 4 of the boxes.

2.) As for my writing, I am going to set this weeks goal to hitting 60,000. I like watching that bar on the left move along, it shows me how close I am to finishing!

3.) As to my workout routine, I’m still trying to build it up to what I used to do. My 2 week trip to the mainland really got me out of my groove, and my super cute new dress for our military ball in November proves to me that I need to buckle down or risk having to deal with constraining body shapers. So! Though I’m getting pretty good about running Monday’s and Wednesdays, and I have my riding lessons Friday’s (which is a real workout for those of you who just scoffed, look up how many calories it burns if you think I am lying!), my yoga has gone pretty lax. I have a busy Tuesday afternoon, so this week I am just going to plan for yoga Thursday.

Now share your goals!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #3

  1. Nice job with getting last week’s goals accomplished and then some! When I set goals, it takes me like a month to complete them haha.

    As always, best of luck with the new ones. :]


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