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Progress. I am definitely making it, but I am also noticing my finish line is farther away than expected. I am setting out to get about 5,000 per week from here on out, which with my current goal of hitting about 75,000 for my first draft, will have me finish in about 3 weeks.

Well, that’s all great and wonderful, but every time I sit down and bust out 1,000 words, or whatever I do that day, I think about everything that I have left to say in this story, and I think 75,000 just isn’t enough! So this has me thinking. Though I am positive I am not going to be published any time soon, and questionable about if I ever will, I want to stick to the average page/word length of my genre – 75,000 – 80,000. Well, another 5,000 worlds won’t sum up my story, so I am starting to think I am going to end it earlier. And honestly, I think it’s probably better off if I do.

I’m not going to stop as soon as I hit 75,000 words, I know I will go over, and then I know I will delete/add a bunch when I go through and edit. But I was going to reveal so much at the end of my book, and I think I am going to keep some of those secrets from my characters to save for a later date and another story. I think it will be a great way for me to evolve my story and characters more, and give myself more material to work with as I plan the second book (which only consists of one scene written hastily in my notebook and a vague sense of the world thus far).

So far I have only planned for this to be a two-book story. I know the trilogy is big, and I also know a lot of people are getting tired of it, but I can’t fit everything into one story with the proper time the characters need to grow and learn. I realize this is why there are so many series (and honestly, I love series. I mean, if I love one story of course I want it to continue!) but at the same time I don’t know if my story has trilogy potential. We’ll see what it turns into though, I’m still too focused on this WIP to worry much about all the other stories I have in my future!

7 thoughts on “Writing Progress

  1. There’s nothing wrong with going above the 75,000 word “norm” if you want to fit it into one book. I actually think that it might be better. Instead of stretching the idea into a series like most authors are tending to do and pisses off readers like myself who think it could have been better as a single novel, you can have one solid great book. Then you can always write different books in the same world (see Patricia Briggs or Sherrilyn Kenyon) and still keep your character attachment.


  2. This is pretty much exactly how I stumbled across all the continuations in the Soul series. It started with The Soul and before I knew it, I had written enough for a sequel… then another… then another… and now I have four books (with some bonus novellas and short stories to throw in sometime!) when all I originally planned was one.

    I think it’s a really important decision to make to keep the book at an appropriate length and even then to restrict it to only as many books as you need to tell the story. It shows restraint and, more importantly, that you’re a good storyteller. đŸ˜€


  3. Write, write, write, until you feel the story is done! And if you feel a second book is called for: Write, write, write until that one is done, too. I have a tendency to write too much, but at least it gives me options. Which is why I rarely shoot for a solid word count. I just keep writing until the story is finished. Good luck!


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