Weekly Wishes #6



Started by The Nectar Collective, this acts as a way to share goals with fellow bloggers, and hopefully, for me, provide more incentive to accomplish them!

Last Weeks Goals:

1.) 70,000 for Recovery, I can’t believe how close I am to the end! It was a bad writing week for me, I was busy and the words just weren’t coming to me, I only made it to about 66,600.

2.) As usual, to actually work out 4 times this week – if only I didn’t hate it so much. – Finally I got some yoga in! My ride on Friday ended up being a disaster – bruised the knuckle of my pinkie and got stung by a wasp – twice! Only me. . .

3.) Shred! Not the most exciting, but I have a huge pile of junk mail/paychecks/invoices that need to be shredded. We just got a new shredder so maybe that will make it fun. – I shredded like crazy yesterday, the new shredder is very efficient though so I was done pretty fast which was good. And it inspired me to clean the house, which I hadn’t done a deep clean of in a while. As it was 90 degrees in my house by about noon though, the rest of the day was spent hiding in my bedroom with the one air conditioner on reading and dozing. So the morning was at least productive.

For this week:

1.) I am going to keep the 70,000 word goal just in case this weeks is as bad as last week. Hopefully not though. And I still have a lot to cover in my last 12,000 words.

2.) Same 4 day workout goal. I was supposed to run this morning as I have a late work meeting, but that didn’t happen since the dogs in the apartment below me decided to bark all morning.

3.) Read slowly, I know, this one is crazy. But I have a ton of pre-orders coming out next week and I want to get into them immediately so I don’t want to be in the middle of a new series when all my books come out (most excited for The Infinite Sea!)

Now share your goals!


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