I see the light!


- LIGHT TUNNEL 1I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m afraid to walk into it. My writing has slowed the closer I get to the 75,000 word count goal that I set for myself. I have already mentioned that I will go past that to finish this draft, but still, the closer I get the more unsettled it seems to make me.

I don’t think I’m scared to be done, because we all know finishing the draft does not equal “done,” but I am getting a bit overwhelmed. I feel like there is so much I still need to talk about before I will be done with this draft, but at the same time, since I am making some alterations to the ending, I don’t really. I have two action scenes and the ending – that doesn’t seem like that much. I feel like I could bust those out in a week. So why is it taking me so long? I really don’t know. I sat down yesterday morning and the ending of a scene flowed right out of me, and I’ve been thinking about what I want to happen next in detail. But instead of getting up to write this morning, I dozed while watching BBC news.

Is this normal? How did you all feel as you approached the ending of your first WIP? I feel like I just need a quiet day of nothing, no work, no husband, no TV. Just me and the computer, my notebook, and a book to help inspire me between breaks. Well, my husband has staff-duty so won’t be home tonight. I have to go to work though (it’s intern day) but maybe the quiet night will be a good time to just stop my worrying and see what happens. And lets add a glass (or two) of wine and the A/C to my list of things I need for my writing time.

Hopefully this will pay off and you’ll see my word count bar explode and get a post about how awesome all my writing was and how great I feel about my story and it’s conclusion!

6 thoughts on “I see the light!

  1. Same here. Nothing to be afraid of. Although I’m not married, I equate it to pre-wedding jitters. Both excitement and fear at the same time, but it will turn out wonderfully and I can’t wait to read your post when you finish!


  2. Oh, Caroline. Lemme tell you what a nightmare it is for me to just get out the last few scenes…

    Actually I won’t because that’s a dick move on my part, but I will assure you it happens to me on a nightmarish basis. Way too often. It usually just kinda works itself out. Not always endings, either; sometimes certain scenes, like the one you mentioned being stuck on earlier, just need a little time before they come pouring out.

    Super frustrating, I know, but you are far from alone.


    • Well, it certainly is frustrating, but I’m also glad it’s not unusual! I did have a burst of creativity today for something else, so hopefully I’ll be able to funnel that into my last couple scenes!


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