Coming This Week: Sept. 22




I don’t think this week will be as exciting as last week, but it should still be a good one at least. Over the weekend my husband and I went and saw “This is where I leave you,” and it was actually real good! I cried more than I thought I would, but it was all good tears. This weekend we are going to go see “The Maze Runner,” I’m hoping the crowds will have thinned a bit, and I need to refresh on what happens in the book, it’s been a while since I’ve read it.

Anyway, I have made some good writing progress, so look for all sorts of fun chatting about that on Wednesday, and I’m thinking maybe a talk about publishing on Friday – nothing serious though.

Tuesday and Wednesday I have book discussions on Dreams of Gods & Monsters, the finale of Taylor’s series; and The Fortune Hunter, a historical fiction set in Victorian England – I know, I’m shaking things up.

Work wise, still plugging away at pulling together photographs for all the exhibits we’re working on right now. It’s a slow process, especially since there is only me to do it, I only work part time, and I have other stuff I also need to get done, on top of intern managing. And I feel like I have a problem. This is the second intern I have managed since I have had this job, she is much more component than the last intern I had, but for some reason I just don’t like her, and I didn’t like the last one either – so why do I keep claiming them all for myself? I know it’s because I have a huge collection that I just don’t have the time to focus on, but I’m always really excited about it, and I like the whole “teaching aspect” – for the first week, then I am just annoyed that they can’t do things on their own. I think I have unrealistic expectations of peoples capabilities. . .

Well! Now I need to get to work, so see you all this week!

2 thoughts on “Coming This Week: Sept. 22

  1. Haven’t read The Maze Runner but I am gonna watch the movie anyway. It looks too exciting and I know I won’t get around to the book for quite a while.

    I can understand your work frustrations by the way. It’s like when I get a new solider to the platoon and have to teach them basically how to Army, which is both a hair-pulling and invigorating experience…


    • Haha, I understand your frustration too. My husband is a LT, so he’s basically a glorified baby sitter for the soldiers still. Oh work! If only it weren’t necessary and we could just read and write all day.


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