The End is Nigh!




So, if you noticed my word count bar, you see that it’s almost full! I will finish this week, no matter what. I have decided that after I finish this last big scene (which I worked on yesterday and got a new twist out of), and the epilogue (which will be pretty brief, like a summary of an epilogue) I will stop working on this manuscript.

I am planning on creating a rough outline for the sequel to Recovery, I have been keeping notes about it as I get ideas, but I want to organize them a bit and try to get a solid plan in the works. My original plan for this series has changed so much since I started writing that I need some time to go back to the drawing board before I get into editing or starting a new draft.

Also, I want to outline Dearest Evangeline, I don’t want to lose steam on this idea, and I think if I can get a rough character sketch and outline, along with some of the snippets of text it will be safe to sit for a little while. I also plan to work on it while I go through and edit Recovery, which it going to be a long process!

I’m really excited about all of this though, just now I realized that I have three books in the works, what!? And I am looking forward to the editing process, even though I know it’s going to give me a ton of doubts, I think my writing has improved as I’ve moved through my first WIP and I know that my ideas have gotten better.

Do you guys have any methods for this stage in your writing? Do you just start from the beginning of your draft and edit it like a normal document or something else? I know I will eventually print it out and edit by hand, but I want to get it cleaned up a bit more before I go down that road or I will be wasting a lot of paper and ink.


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