How will you Publish?


UnknownI rad my first Indie book this past week. And I also found a blog post (I don’t remember where) that talked about the process of e-book publishing. It raised a lot of good questions and pointed out some pros and cons about it all.

While the thought of indie/self-publishing appeals to me, it also doesn’t. I’m such a snob that the little grammar and inconsistencies of the idie book really bugged me. I feel like if I was ever to get to the publishing stage I would want to go the traditional route, with more eyes on the book I think a much cleaner and final version would be the one to reach my readers. And I don’t want to do something if it’s not going to be polished to a shining gem.

Though, I do think using smaller publishers, self-publishing, and e-book publishing (I have no idea how all of these overlap or anything, I haven’t gotten to that stage in my writing so I haven’t really looked into it) is a great way to get your writing out there if you don’t want to go through the trials of traditional publishing or you don’t really care how your work gets into the world, as long as it does. I know this is a very narrow look at it all, obviously, I don’t really know what I am talking about just yet.

Now, we’ll see if my mind changes in a few years, after a hundred rejection letters. Anyway, what do you all know about the different venues of publishing, and what path do you plan on taking, or have taken already?



4 thoughts on “How will you Publish?

  1. Right now I’m researching editorial services for my manuscript. I like the idea of self-publishing, but I want my manuscript to be as clean as possible. I had no idea editing would cost as much as it does, but I think it’s worth it.


  2. Just because a work is self-published doesn’t mean the author didn’t care how it reached its audience. On the contrary, I know a majority of indie writers who work their asses off to ensure their work is polished like the gem you hope for.


    • Oh for sure. I didn’t meant that at all. I think it takes a lot of work no matter what, personally I would just want editors to go through my work – if I even get the nerve to try and publish. I have no idea what the process is in any form of publishing though. I kind of hate this post actually.


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