Coming This Week: Sept. 29




So, if you noticed the word count bar to the left you can see that it’s not filled. And I said I would finish Recovery last week. Well, the days got away from me and that didn’t happen. But I am practically done! Today I am going to finish the last scene and do the epilogue. Then all this week I am going to work on getting the words from my journal onto the computer, which is really why there isn’t any recorded progress. I have 11 pages to get into the Word document, which based on general estimation is just about 3,000 words (which would put me over my word count goal!) and it takes time to type all that. But I promise, this is the week! Wednesday and Friday I will tell you all about how I’m finishing/finished and how awesome and terrifying it feels!

Anyway, as for book discussions this week, look forward to seeing ones for Graceling and These Broken Stars. Both books surprised me a bit, but in completely different ways.

As a side note have you guys heard of Hozier? I have been listening to him a lot this past weekend and he will certainly help me get through the end of my first WIP this afternoon, as well as a latte and probably a cookie. Though if I have that cookie I better run, my workouts have been pretty inconsistent these past couple weeks. I think it’s time to throw a new workout into the routine to break the monotony!

What are you all up to this week?


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