Coming This Week: Oct. 6



Look left! Do you see it, the word count bar for Recovery! That’s right, it’s full! So that’s very exciting, and I will tell you how I feel no where close to done with it on Wednesday and Friday – and hopefully some chatting about the outlining of my two other WIP’s that I hope to get situated in the next week or two.

As for book reviews, inspired by The Maze Runner movie, which I have still not made it to see, you’ll find the first two books of one of Dashner’s other series – The Eye of Minds and The Rule of Thoughts.

Speaking about book to movie interpretations though, I went and saw Gone Girl (I should put a review of it up, I read the book before I had the blog so you guys didn’t get to go through the roller coaster of emotions with me). It was really good! Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay, so when I saw that I knew it was going to be really true to the book, and the acting was amazing! My husband hadn’t read the book (he wants to now though) and even though he had to deal with me venting about it when I read it and knew the major plot twist, he didn’t know all the little things that make you go “These people are crazy!” so he had a good time. I did feel like I was missing something though because I didn’t get to experience those major shocks since I knew they were coming, but I really appreciated the way the book was translated for the movie. So it’s certainly a must see!

Did you guys see any good movies over the weekend?


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