OMG – My Writing Sucks




Well, Sylvia – it’s unavoidable it seems.

Though, I’m not really hating on myself as much as this all makes it seem, but I think it’s applicable, and will certainly be hitting me soon.

I officially started my first read through of Recovery – right now, it’s looking like I am going to stick to 3rd person. After a lot of the comments from you guys I thought about why I was changing back to first, and there wasn’t really a good answer. Also, I think I was trying to take the easy way out by not committing to a broader voice for my characters.

Anyway, I know that as I get deeper into my story I am going to find a ton of issues. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking about all the parts that are going to need to be changed. It’s a lot, and it’s going to take a lot of time, and a lot of revisions. But I am starting to understand the depth of my devotion to them all, and I am understanding that this was not some “hey I’m going to write a book!” tangent I just thought I would try for the hell of it, but something I really want to put my all into – I want to make something that will last and will reach people.

So, as I begin this daunting task of the first round of edits, I will try and remember that it’s my standard writing process to make huge changes. To delete large chunks, to reorganize, and to seek better clarification and detail. Though I have never edited something as long, I am sure it’s generally the same process, right?


6 thoughts on “OMG – My Writing Sucks

  1. I’m sure your writing doesn’t suck. Your book needs more work, just like every other book by every other writer, even the famous ones – and, like so many things, the closer you look and the more time you spend on it, the more you see. At least it sounds like you’re under no illusions. You could almost say that, if you can’t see anything wrong with it, it means you’re not looking hard enough, don’t know enough and/or aren’t being honest with yourself. So taking the time to do extensive editing is a sign of a good writer, because what you produce will be the better for it.

    And who knows, you might even enjoy the editing. There can be something really satisfying about the hacking back and then stepping back and seeing the results. Yes it’s a real slog at times. The only advice I can offer is the pretty common-sense stuff about making lists and recording all the changes you’re making so you don’t lose track, and also continuing to be realistic about how long it might take and that it will probably need more than one round. But you’ll get there.


    • I acctually do love editing so I think I’ll enjoy the process! It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when you turn out something better than before, and the list is a good point that I wasn’t doing, but will start!


  2. It’s okay. I’m actually in the process of revising The Soul – with the same thoughts that “omg this sucks.” Not big changes, but sometimes little stuff adds up, so that’s what I’m changing.

    Anyway, glad you’re moving on with the story. Is it your “baby”? ‘Cause it seems like it haha – from all the growing pains you go through with it.


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