How do you Cope with Work Stress


0277b40b41c0bb9aea2c77b40c38b204And I’m not talking about writing work, but whatever your day job is (unless you’re lucky enough to have writing be your day job). These past weeks have been killing me at work, and it’s crossing over into my writing, blogging, and personal relationships; and I hate that. Last week I don’t think I got any editing done until Sunday. And the times i got together with friends, the majority of it was spent with me bitching about work. I know everyone needs to vent, but I feel like it’s all I’ve been talking about and thinking about.

Honestly, I know part of it is because I am so passionate about my job, and so it really irks me when I cannot do my job to the best of my abilities because of my work environment. I feel like I work in the show “The Office,” but it’s not funny because it’s real life. So what do you do when you make progress,and then in about two weeks, everything goes to hell? Obviously you voice your opinions and back them up with research and evidence, but you are still ignored. And the fact that I am not considered part of the staff because I’m contractor, and I only work part time so I am not on site for half the week – my voice is often ignored and the research and background I have brushed aside. Honestly, I feel like no one cares about me or the artifacts. So after I make some progress, I am just torn down again, and I don’t know how much more I can take.

Not only is it extremely frustrating to see all my work disregarded, it carries over into my non-work life. Like I said earlier, it’s practically all my friends have heard about for the last weeks, I can barley control my rage at work, and I am so exhausted that by the time I get home I don’t want to write, and I sleep later so I don’t get any done in the morning. Even my readying has slowed!

Basically, what do you guys do when work gets particularly stressful? Because yoga and wine can only keep me going for so long.


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