Coming This Week: Oct. 20


untitled (4) So, I have decided that every Monday when I do this post, I am going to include one of these funny card things (above), because they make me happy – so they should make you happy too!

So this week I have a couple of book discussions that move away from my usual genres. The first is Stolen Bloodlines – my first Indie read! The second is Unbroken, which is a historic non-fiction about an American airman whose plane crashed in the Pacific during WWII leading to him becoming a Japanese POW. The movie is coming out on Christmas so you have probably heard of it!

I’m still making way with editing and organizing and such, so I will update you all on that too!

But most exciting, is that tomorrow, I am going to introduce a giveaway that I a doing with a friend of mind! So look out for all the information tomorrow and make sure to enter! Also, I’ve just joined twitter, I don’t really know what to do with it, but hopefully you guys can glean some information from it!

Happy Monday!

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