Stolen Bloodline



Goodreads Summary:

Stolen away from her humdrum life, Imogen is thrown into a dark world where the creatures from tales are not only real, but rule the realm. 


In this world of dark, moonlight is Imogen’s only source of safety, but the moon’s glow reveals a lot more than she ever realised. She soon learns her heritage and bloodline are what put her in danger, and the reason these vampires are keeping her hostage. But with a father who doesn’t even care enough to call, how was she supposed to know?

Held captive by the vampire leader, Bane, and his brother, Caden, Imogen must find a way to keep herself alive. Yet, the longer she remains, the more she wonders whether those she feared are the ones she should trust, as new truths continue to shine through.

When Bane shows Imogen that life in a world of dark can be more enlightening than her own sunlit realm, it seems that, though he may have stolen her from home, she risks him stealing her heart as well.

I read my first Indie book! And it’s by a fellow blogger! I have to say, it was better than I had expected. There were some nit picky things about it that bugged me; some grammar issues, I felt like the narrator lead me to feelings more than I would have liked. Telling me as opposed to showing me things and letting me come to my own conclusions. I also thought the main characters name, Immogen was overused, we needed some more pronouns in there!

Anyway, I thought the story was original and enjoyable. It was a different take on vampires that I hadn’t seen and really appreciated. I thought that Immogen got over her kidnapping rather quickly, though at least she recognized that feeling herself, and that the story was a bit rushed. Weeks would go by at a time without anything really happening, which made the romance a little less believable to me. I felt like there needed to be more moments of discovery between the two characters. There were some pleasant twists that came about though that I hadn’t really seen coming, and I think it was set up to play well with a sequel.

Overall, I was pleased with my first indie read, and I would definitely recommend this book for an enjoyable lazy day book as it’s just over 100 pages, so a quick read!

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