I Love Organizing!



But instead of a classroom, it’s my home office. And I’m using super cute notebooks and brightly colored pens to makes notes and track ideas of my two other future WIPs.

And it’s awesome. I spent one whole day (well, morning) making nice profiles for my characters from Recovery in their updated states and with their Myers-Briggs personalities. Then transferred the notes form my one notebook to the ones I have now specified specifically for those story ideas. I’m one of those people, who before they can sit down and get a lot of work done (like a paper for school) I first have to spend a couple hours making my workspace mess free. I get too easily distracted otherwise.

Having a designated journal for each of my book ideas I think is really going to help me keep them separate from each other in my head – or mottled notebook – and let me move between them more easily. And I’m thinking I am going to start to move forward with one of those new ideas soon. . .

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One thought on “I Love Organizing!

  1. I actually just went through this earlier today at work and omg it was such a relief to be decluttered. My workspace doesn’t need to be neat, but it has to be organized, bottom line. As long as I know where everything is and can access it easily, I’m good to go.

    Here’s to hoping your newfound organization helps.

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