4th Times the Charm



Sunday, my usual go to the coffee shop and write day, I had a breakthrough. I’be been taking notes and asking myself questions about my story, trying to hash out what I really want people to get from it, how to make my characters better, and really just trying to be more original. I felt like a lot of the first half of my book was an amalgamation of a bunch of others that I’ve read. It was a good way for me to start, a good way to get my itinial thoughts down, but it wasn’t really me.

Well, this last week, asking myself all these questions, a new opening had been brewing in my head. Sunday I got it out, and I love it! This is the first part of my story that I really feel completely confident about. I have the initial spark of action to draw in a reader, I’ve planted the seeds of the questions Bridgid is so intent upon finding answers to, and I’ve created a new network of character interactions that I think is a whole lot less dramatic and just works more smoothly. I’m amped!

I’m hoping this wave of creative inspiration continues. I don’t think it hurts that I’m reading all my fellow bloggers posts about Camp NaNo and hearing about all their productivity!


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