Coming This Week: Nov. 10


Unknown-1This past week wasn’t too exciting. Work went pretty well I guess, but it was a fast week, and a fast weekend. I’m looking forward to having Tuesday off! Especially since I have a date with one of my besties for a light morning of shopping and afternoon tea! One of the good things about HI, is the fact that they kept nice English traditions like tea time – so there re plenty of really good places to go. And I did go see Interstellar Saturday, and I really liked it, until it got super weird, and it was really long. I though Jessica Chastain was fantastic though!

So this week, for book discussions, a new series and debut author in Snow Like Ashes; and a reread in preparation for the sequel coming out soon with The Bone Season.

I haven’t really had any writing revelations this week, and honestly haven’t been too productive, which I’ll probably talk about. And Friday will be a wildcard, I’ll try and find something cool and writing related and not about me to share!

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Coming This Week: Nov. 10

  1. I’ve heard nothing but outstanding things about Interstellar. I can’t get anyone to watch it with me though haha.

    I’ve also heard very good things about Snow Like Ashes. Haven’t gotten around to it obviously. 😛 Look forward to your review.


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