It’s been a Slow Week



Get it! A picture of a sloth because it’s been a “slow” week? And because they are adorable.

Anyway. . .

I just don’t known where all the time went last week. Work was crazy, but in a good way I guess. And the mornings are staying darker longer, which has been making it really hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings when my alarm goes off, and the afternoons have been more Netflix and less reading. It happens, but it’s causing my progress in writing to slow quite dramatically, and I’m not getting through 1-3 books a week anymore.

A lot of this has to do with my additional responsibilities at work, which I am honestly excited about, but it’s exhausting. I’m hoping I’ll acclimate to the longer hours, additional stress, and the amount of work related things now swimming through my mind soon so I can get some of my focus back on writing.

I know we all go through lulls, I’m just hoping I get out of this one soon. I probably got another 1,000+ words down last week, which is respectable, but certainly nothing amazing. I can see my new visions for Recovery though, and that’s definitely something that is exciting and keeping me moving forward with that project.

How do you get out of writing slumps?


2 thoughts on “It’s been a Slow Week

  1. I just power through them. O.O I know it’s not good advice, but if it’s a shitty time for me, I just stress myself out over it. I know plenty of people can and do write through the bullshit, but that’s not who I am. I mellow out and take time to enjoy the other things I love because it’s likely the lack of them that’s got me all wonky writing-wise in the first place.

    Mostly? Music. Reading. Gaming. Photography. Watching YouTube vloggers. Netflix (of course :D). Whatever’ll level me at the time.

    Oh and I get it with the sloth. Little dude’s kinda cute…

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    • Sloths are adorable! And totally underrated lol. And ya, I’ve been focusing on getting what I’ve written lately onto the computer and trying to recharge a bit. Editing is about to get super complex for me so I’m preparing myself!


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