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As an aspiring author, and a new one at that, I look for a lot of resources to give me inspiration, tips, and encouragement. Blogging is obviously my main venue for all of this, but there are so many other sources available to us. Personally, I like Pinterest as a way to collect and discover all sorts of writing related resources. So I decided to show you guys my favorite Pinterest boards for writing!

Several of my favorites are from bloggers who are also favorites of mine. And some are just some good finds.

From Bloggers:

Jennifer Austin‘s blog is a great source on it’s own, and her Pinterest page takes it one step further. She has inspirational quotes, author advice, and boards for her own story (an idea I am totally going to steal!) to map out inspiration and whatnot.

Inkcouragment is another of my favorite blogs, and Amy’s pins are super awesome! Besides great writing resources, she just has great style and finds some delicious looking recipes. Because let’s be honest, you can’t always be thinking about writing and you need a break sometimes.

Found on Pinterest:

Writers, Promote Yourself! links you to a bunch of other writers and bloggers. Creating another network of like minded people who can all share their ideas and inspiration.

Writers’ Community is another way to commiserate with fellow writers (I know Jennifer is part of it) and get even more resources and encouragement.

I’m sure there are tons of more boards that have good stuff, but I’m not one fore information overload, and these are the four spots I get most of my pins from. Do you guys have any other recommendations?


5 thoughts on “Pins on Writing

  1. I love Pinterest. When I first heard about it (back when you had to be invited by someone already on Pinterest in order to join), I thought it was so stupid. Since getting one myself, I find it almost invaluable. So many ideas!

    As far as writing goes, I don’t necessarily look for writing tips and stuff; I go for visuals, inspiring pictures or photos that would match in tone, description or depth something I’m having a hard time visualizing for myself. It’s one of my favorite boards.

    What’s your Pinterest link?


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