Coming This Week: Nov 24



Is everyone excited for this short work week? I know I am! Last week was pretty eventful. I went and saw Mockingjay Part 1! I’ll give you all my opinion of it on Friday. We had a military ball on Friday, which was really fun, even though my husband spilled wine on his shirt, so he has to get a new one before our ball this weekend, oh well, I got cake on my dress so I guess I can’t talk. I also got a reasonable amount of writing done, especially in relation to my productivity lately.

So, I am taking Thursday off from blogging as most people will be busy being with family and cooking and whatnot. So Tuesday you will get a book discussion on Stray, a retake on several fairy tales. And Wednesday, I’ll let you know what I am doing to prepare for my next WIP.

As we are several thousand miles and an ocean away from any of our family, one of my besties and I are forcing our other halves to have a nice dinner party. So Thursday I will be at her house cooking and drinking wine, while the guys fight over what football game to watch. I hope all of you have fun plans too!


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