Mockingjay Part 1


Mockingjay Part 1

So, Catching Fire is my favorite book of the series, and I really liked that movie, so I honestly didn’t think MJ part 1 could best that. Well, I think I was wrong. My husband says this is the best movie yet too, and the more I think about it, the more I have to agree with him. And I already want to see it again!

What I dislike most about the book is how for the majority of the story we are engulfed in Katniss’ anger/depression/confusion. And While I understand it all, it left me feeling lethargic myself. I loved how in the movie, we still see her experiencing all of these things, but she’s still present. I understand that Collins is trying to show the reality of war, the effects of PTSD, and the repercussions for all that are involved. But one of the main ways people are taught to cope with PTSD, is to find something to live for; and I don’t see Katniss doing that in Mockingjay, I just felt like she was so selfish and unlikable in the last book – unless she was on the ground fighting. But the movie did a great job at showing her difficult situation and emotional issues while still making her likable. There was a really good article on Buzzfeed about the reasons behind the changes between the book and movie.

And shout out to Josh Hutcherson, who stepped up his acting game and owned tortured Peeta! He was only in the movie for about 10 minutes, but they were a great 10 minutes. I was upset about not seeing more Finnick, and I thought the Gale/Katniss relationship was done really well. Loved Effie replacing the prep team, as we didn’t really get to know them that well in the previous movies. I also really liked how we were taken to the different districts to see how they were responding to the rebellion. And that song, how awesome was that.

I also thought the changes made to 13 worked really well. It’s interesting to see Coin embracing the power that Katniss is providing her, and seeing the slow transition to the manipulative and power hungry Coin we see in the book. The second movie is going to be so good! I can’ wait to see how Peeta tries to come back to himself, watch Katniss get into the rebellion more, and watch Gale and Coin’s transformations. I can’t believe we have to wait a year!

And I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this, but I may like the movie better than the book so far. . .


3 thoughts on “Mockingjay Part 1

  1. I outright did not like this book. I thought it was dreary and pointless and so overwhelmingly hopeless that it defeated its own purpose in being so.

    However, what was done to it for the movie was probably the best decision there’s been about it so far. The direction the movie team went with it was I think a more perfect, more practical evolution of events, even down to the split between two movies. Can you imagine if they tried to stuff all that book into one movie? How much stuff would get chopped? How much longer it would’ve been? How less impactful? I shudder to consider the prospect.

    Anyway, hands down, from the very first movie, The Hunger Games has been a franchise I’ve enjoyed the movies well more than the books, and it’s no surprise that Mockingjay has managed to outshine the truly amazing Catching Fire. I look forward to Part 2. :]


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