Coming This Week: Dec. 1



It’s December, can you guys believe that! This year feels like it had just flown by. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I spent the day at my friends house and we cooked and watched Gilmore girls all day, not too bad! I also had another military ball last night, it wasn’t as fun as the one the previous week, but it was still pretty nice.

This week for book discussions I have two finale’s! UnDivided, and In the Afterlight. I read the first books of the UnWind Dystology before I had the blog; but if you need a refresher before Afterlight, make sure you check out my previous posts about The Darkest Minds, and Never Fade.

I’m lacking inspiration right now, but I will probably talk about my writing progress this past week (I got a lot done!) and maybe writing habits. Hope everyone has a good start to the week, though since it’s not a short week like last week, I don’t think many of us will.


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