UnknownGoodreads Summary:

Teens control the fate of America in the fourth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman.

Proactive Citizenry, the company that created Cam from the parts of unwound teens, has a plan: to mass produce rewound teens like Cam for military purposes. And below the surface of that horror lies another shocking level of intrigue: Proactive Citizenry has been suppressing technology that could make unwinding completely unnecessary. As Conner, Risa, and Lev uncover these startling secrets, enraged teens begin to march on Washington to demand justice and a better future.

But more trouble is brewing. Starkey’s group of storked teens is growing more powerful and militant with each new recruit. And if they have their way, they’ll burn the harvest camps to the ground and put every adult in them before a firing squad—which could destroy any chance America has for a peaceful future.

I really should have reread the first 3 before I started this one. There were a lot of little side stories I had forgotten that I think detracted from my overall enjoyment of the book and disrupted its flow. Besides that I was pretty pleased with this last installment – though I’m not sure if it was completely necessary.

It was basically full of revenge/personal paths to self acceptance. All of this made sense, and I enjoyed it all, but I also feel like it could have been tied in with earlier books too – it was a little slow compared to the others. I was glad that Lev finally found his place, and Connor came to terms with his own guilt and remedied (or started to) relationships with Cam and his family. I’m glad Connor and Risa finally got to a good place in their relationship and that Cam became his own person. And that there was a clear path outlined for the solution of the Unwinding in society,.

Overall, I’m happy with this last installment – though it wasn’t as good as its predecessors. And I heard that there are talks to make the series into movies!

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