Entering the Writing Wonderland




Again, I can’t believe it’s already December! Part of my non-beleif is probably due to the fact that here in Hawaii, we don’t really have seasons, it just gets a little cooler (still shorts weather though) so I don’t have a nature mark for when I can start getting into the winter mindset. I will be back on the mainland in February though, so hopefully getting to experience a little bit of winter will help!

Anyway, since I don’t have a winter wonderland, I am going to try and make it a writing one. My writing has actually been going pretty well lately. I’ve been getting about 1500 words written per week, which isn’t much, but am also editing and cutting sections and whatnot, so I am pretty happy with my progress so far, no matter how slow!

As you guys have probably picked up on lately, I spend Sunday mornings at Starbucks with a friend of mine, and while she does school work, I write. Well, fortunately that is getting me back into a good writing mindset – I was having a lot of motivation/inspiration issues – and I’ve been getting back into doing some writing in the mornings (when I manage to get my ass out of bed), I have an ongoing e-mail with myself where I add snippets as they come to me (a lot of it comes to me when I am work funny enough, so my lunch breaks have become writing breaks!).

Basically, I have a good feeling about this winter season and my writing progress. Maybe I’ll even start reading some of those “research” books I just got! How is everyone else’s writing going?


8 thoughts on “Entering the Writing Wonderland

  1. Whooo! I’m excited to hear you’re having a good time of it! There’s a lot of slumps and burnouts after NaNoWriMo so this part of the year is usually pretty bleh writing-wise for most. As for myself, I’m neither better nor worse. Guess I can’t complain.

    If you came to Oklahoma, you’d get plenty of winter in your blood.

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