Coming This Week: Dec. 15



You guys, Christmas is next week! That’s crazy! And last week was crazy getting ready for it. There was lots of wrapping presents, swapping presents, sending out cards (Which about 1/3 have come back saying they need additional postage, when the other 2/3rds have been sent and received all over the country – what you playing at USPS?), and of course the one super painful post office trip where I stood in line forever to mail my four boxes – which stacked blocked my line of vision, it’s a miracle that I didn’t run into anyone. Oh Christmas time!

So this week for book reviews we’ve got the last of the Graceling trilogy, Bitterblue, which I think was my favorite of the series (though I liked Fire more than I thought I would.) and Throne of Glass, which is now one of my favorite series, and I can’t wait for the next one!

I also have some editing updates and I’m sharing one of my favorite Christmas dinner recipes!



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