Goodreads Reading Goal



This year I set myself a goal to read 75 books. It was the first time I have ever tracked the number of books I read per year, the first year I’ve been on Goodreads, and I’m pretty impressed with myself. I over shot it!

I made it all the way to 80 (by the end of today, when I get home from work)! Now, two of those were short stories, a few re-reads happened, and a couple I skimmed because I wasn’t a huge fan of them; but still, that’s 80 literary adventures! I’m going to set a goal for 85 for next year and see how I do.

How did you all do this year?


7 thoughts on “Goodreads Reading Goal

  1. Congratulations! This is my second year honestly keeping track. 2013 rocked.

    Reading-wise, 2014 was pretty miserable. Last year my goal was 45 and I read 90, so I set my goal this year to 75 – pretty reasonable until, you know, the year actually happened. There was this one book I read in February which was so good that I hangover’d for months afterward.

    I’m currently at 47 out of 75.

    I’m prolly gonna get my goal to 50 for 2015, take the increase in smaller increments.


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