Scrap the Draft




I’m not the biggest Hemingway fan, but this quote speaks to me.

I think I’m just going to rewrite the whole first part of my first draft. I really love the second half of my story, and whenever I have ideas to add and edit it’s for that chunck. So in this time off from my story (where I just write random thoughts and scenes in my notebook, but don’t actually pull up the manuscript doc.) I’m going to focus on trying to figure out how I want the first half to go, and what I need to do to make myself as excited about that as I am for the rest.

How do you all deal with this, get inspiration, and tweak?

I’m thinking I am going to cut a bunch of info from the beginning as it is now (like school graduation and intro to the University, if I think it’s boring then readers definitely will) and push more focus on the conflict. Also, I am planning on starting a new document to work on this all once I get back to it, I don’t want the original crap I wrote to influence or bog me down again.


6 thoughts on “Scrap the Draft

  1. I always motor through the first draft as quickly as possible, read it and mark everything that’s wrong with it, then start again with a clean slate. Well, a clean Word doc, anyway. It’s daunting, but I’ve found that the first draft is usually just not worth saving, except for an odd phrase or two that stick around in my brain.

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