Academic Writing



Academic writing makes me feel so smart, but the idea of giving it to peer reviews makes me really scared my smarts are a work of my imagination.

I’m loving going back to my grad school Capstone and working on it. Though it’s always interesting to see how much you change when you go back to things, nothing is ever perfect! I wish I could re-submit my paper to my graduate adviser when I finish and have him re-grade it.

Getting it ready for the journals and peer review is going to be a long process though. For different journals there are different requirements, and it can only be up for consideration with one journal at a time. Right now, I am working on cutting about 5 pages from my current version, and then I have to get permissions to use images from the newspapers I cited.

If my New Years Resolution works (to get up when my alarm goes off the first time in the morning, something I have failed at once already) then I should be able to get the length taken care of relatively soon. I’m also having to alter my argument slightly since this audience is different from the one I originally submitted it to though, and that takes a little longer. I am really enjoying the critical thinking though. I think this break from creative writing will really help me get excited about it again. And also, it’s got me wondering if I shouldn’t start thinking about making my next story a historic fiction – merging my two interests in writing!


3 thoughts on “Academic Writing

  1. Careful about that merging the two interests thing. I’m going to school for science and I tried to write a sci-fi once and oh dear God I still haven’t even finished the plot is much less worked it into something suitable for human consumption. It can get tricky. Personal prerogative of course.

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    • I understand what you’re saying. If I do, it won’t be analytical history, because I know I would never make that work, just more of historical setting with some of the big ideas of the era. Thanks for the caution though!


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