No Intention of Dying



Goodreads Summary:

Before Morgan, there was Daphne, the girl who asked too many questions and changed everything…

In this look back at Daphne, before her subversive paper led to her murder by order of the king, Daphne witnesses her seven-year-old sister Amy having a seizure-like event, a result of injuries sustained when she wandered too close to the Edge. Government doctors insist these seizures are punishment for Amy’s bad behavior, but Daphne disagrees. Obsessed with finding out what lured her sister out there to the Edge to begin with, Daphne leads Judas, her betrothed, a young man with his own secrets, on an expedition near the Edge to reconstruct her sister’s fateful event. But how close is too close?

To hold us over for the second book in The Internment Chronicles, DeStefano has given us a short story about the mysterious Daphne who is referenced throughout Perfect Ruin.

It was much shorter than I expected, only really one chapter. But it’s nice to get a perspective of Daphne as a tangible person since she’s a passive role in the books. We also see how Judas was handling his questions about Internment and it makes it easier to see how he got to his full out rebel status. Also, it’s nice to have the back story on Amy.

Overall though, I don’t feel like it really added that much to the story line. Most of the time I read these shorts and discover a new layer to someone that ends up changing or altering my perspective of them. This really didn’t do any of that.


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