Writing Gifts



So, my birthday is coming up next month; and since my husband will be out of the country for it he’s trying to get my present now. The problem is when he asked me what I wanted I shrugged. I had this same problem for Christmas, which he stated made it ridiculously hard for him to find me things – he did a good job though.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe you guys would have some ideas! Something to help me with my writing: a book recommendation, software of some kind, I don’t know!

I’ve been in a terrible slump the last few months and my writing has become sporadic. I do have a new awesome journal and fountain pen, which I have been taking notes in, but what else do you all use to help keep up your writing?


2 thoughts on “Writing Gifts

  1. I guess it depends on what inspires you. I absolutely love getting new books on writing. I probably have about 50. I may not read them all the way through, but I’m able to pick and choose the things that apply to me at the time. Other than that, I just about a cool app for my computer called the Hemingway app. You can input a piece of your writing and it will give you tips on which sentences are complicated, how many adverbs there are, etc. It’s not perfect, but it helps me. That’s only about $7.00. I’m also quite inspired by art, architecture, and nature, so any coffee table book with a ton of pictures of someplace cool (e.g. The Louvre, random mountain ranges, Egyptian history and monuments, etc) really helps to inspire me. Good luck! I’m sure he’ll get you something awesome.


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